Marjeta Jeraj


Department of Botany, Center for Climatic Research

University of Wisconsin

430 Lincoln Drive, 1225 West Dayton Street

Madison, WI 53706


Offices: 349 Birge Hall and 1113 Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science

Email: mjeraj (at)

Phone: 608-262-0775



PhD Environmental Science, Polytechnic Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Dissertation: Archaeobotanical and palaeoecological reconstruction of the southwestern Ljubljana Moor (Ljubljansko barje), Slovenia

MS Biology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

BS Biology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Research Interests

Environmental history, especially reconstruction of past vegetation, landscape, climate and hydrological regime, on regional and local scale; human settlement history and human impact on the environment such as agricultural practices and forest clearance; and integrated approaches of palaeoecological and archaeobotanical studies to better understand long-term co-evolutionary interactions between people and their environments.


Current Projects

1) European Late Glacial and Holocene vegetation and climate history, 2) beginning of agriculture in Europe, 3) human ecodynamics of the Hawaiian ecosystem, 4) impact of early settlers on the environment, 5) ethnobotanical values of archaeobotanical remains, and 6) the use of wood in archaeological contents.