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Hotchkiss Lab News Updates

-Fall 2019: The Hotchkiss Lab welcomes their newest member, Nick Hoffman! Nick is a master’s student enrolled in the Nelson Institute Environmental Resources Program.

-Summer 2019: Kevin Barrett successfully defends his doctoral dissertation!

-Summer 2019: Kevin Barrett and Soo Hyun Kim receive travel funding to present their research at the 2019 INQUA Congress in Dublin, Ireland

– Fall 2018: Dr. Walaa Awad joins the Hotchkiss Lab!

– Summer 2018: Soo Hyun Kim makes a poster presentation in 2018 Joint Meeting of CANQUA-AMQUA!

– Summer 2018: Sara Hotchkiss, Kevin Barrett and Michael Peyton will present at Hawaii Ecosystems Meeting in Hilo, HI!

– Spring 2018: Kristin Michels successfully defends her doctoral dissertation May 10th!

– Spring 2018: Kevin Barrett receives a College of Letter & Science Teaching Fellow Award!

– Spring 2018: Katie Laushman’s thesis work is highlighted in UW Science & Technology News!

– Spring 2018: Kevin Barrett begins his new fieldwork season in Hawaii!

– Fall 2017: Michael Peyton joins the Hotchkiss lab!

– Summer 2017: Soo Hyun Kim receives a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant!

– Summer 2017: Kristin Michels publishes her manuscript, “Edge Influence on Vegetation Communities in Old-Growth and Managed Forest Landscapes” in Applied Vegetation Science journal!

– Spring 2017: Kevin Barrett receives Palynological Society award!

– Spring 2017: Lisa Schomaker successfully defends master’s thesis May 8th!

– Spring 2017: Katie Laushman successfully defends master’s thesis April 14, and lands a job with USGS studying effects of climate manipulations on native plant communities (Flagstaff, AZ).

– Fall 2016: Tom Thein joins the Hotchkiss lab!

– Summer 2016: Lisa Schomaker and Kevin Barrett continue their field research in Hawaii!

– Summer 2016: Katie Laushman presents her jumping worm research at both NACCB and ESA